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The Consortium | Business Alliance

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The Consortium was formed in April 2018. The Consortium is a business alliance, which is comprised of several successful small businesses that support each other in events, fundraisers and education/empowerment. The Consortium is an entity of CUI, and one of the main goals of this new and powerful branch is to promote unity and assistance to each other. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHTER WORK AND ENSURE SMOOTH DELIVERY!

CUI works with other organizations to feed the homeless. The consortium and CUI successfully raised money and donated to the warrior alliance and to Lady T's homeless ministry. Youths helped to raise money for the donations through the Jammin' for Jesus concert held on August 17, 2019. Twenty talented youths and performers donated their time to bring awareness to our homeless population.

Donna Tate, founder, serves as Chairperson of the Veterans Administration Mental Health Advisory Council, serving veterans and their families. The council assists with navigation of the VA System, participates and donates time to bring awareness to mental health and wellness.

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